Hello,Over here now: joshmurr.tumblr.com

My new Tumblr has started…
Updates will now appear on that Tumblr. Again I would like to say thank you to those who have followed NoNames thus far and I only hope you will continue to follow my work, as it is much appreciated and helps me endlessly.
I’ve had NoNames for a year and a half now. I’m starting to feel my influences and my work has changed a lot as I’ve grown, so I feel it is a good time to start fresh. Which means a new Tumblr.
NoNames will not be deleted, I like keeping things like this as an online archive. Hence why Flickr has drawings from years ago on it.
Thank you very much to everyone that have followed me throughout and remained loyal, it really means a lot and spurred me on to work harder; I hope that you will continue to follow me on my new Tumblr. I will most likely move the people I am currently following to my new account.
The new Tumblr will be available soon; I will let you know. The image above is a sign of things to come.
Words and shit.

Thanks again.

An idea I’m thinking about.
I had a spell of no motivation. It was quite scary. This evening was the first time in weeks I felt good about drawing… Onwards and upwards.
I’m pretty sure my Tumblr got hacked?
Never mind.
Currently: Motivational Issues.
'Cigarette Break'.
I couldn’t get a decent picture… Sorry.
My Final Major Project final piece as exhibited in the show.
The piece is called ‘Cigarette Break’.
Failed attempts at the previous drawing.
Who remembers the RED days?
My designer friend Ollie and my photographer friend Joe are looking for models for a photography book they are looking to produce this summer.
Here are Ollie’s words:

We are looking for double jointed/flexible people to feature in some portraiture.
Please get in touch, we really need every bit of help we can get to make this project perfect.
Thank you so much, Please reblog.

They are two names to look out for, so collaborating with them, or just helping them is a good opportunity.